Contribution Member of this Planetary System – What to Expect

The New Construction and Contribution Member of this Planetary System

Here’s what to expect!

A Contribution Member will be conveniently connected with work, education, housing, transportation and recreation locations to be enjoyed peacefully, happily and effectively in a beautiful and caring world.

There’s a wonderful world ahead for contribution members such as affordable and quality education, housing and career building whcih provides a greater opportunity for a successful lifestyle for the Soul.  ~ Dean of Students

Living here where you will be provided with opportunities to experience a healthy learning environment with amazing resources at your fingertips.

There’s time to adjust and realize how lucky you are.

Members of the Carieliin University education community will feel supported and have advantages for advancement physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

You can choose between college degree programs or certification programs in areas of transportation, construction, architecture, liberal arts, performing arts, spiritual and consouling ministries, business management and industries, broadcasting and so much more.

Certification programs will have apprenticeships in industrial-technical fields providing a fast track to a positive career.

Degree programs will fosters a deeper understanding and awareness of the amazing world we live, excellence and mastery in higher consciousnesses and an opportunity to emulate a soulful, humanistic, ethical, creative and happy life style.

We look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful planetary system

Here’s How to Start Your Beautiful Experiences

Apply for Admission or Apply for Employment
 Register for classes

A: Apply for Admission

Choose from one of the following programs:
 College Degrees Program or  Certification Program.
For inquiries email:

Carieliin College Degree Program General Curriculum Requirements are as follows:

      1. Art

      2. Biology

      3. Chemistry

      4. English Language Writing and Literature

      5. History

      6. Philosophy

      7. Mathematics

Declaring a Major By the time students have earned 54 semester hours, they must complete a Major Selection Form and turn it in to the registrar’s office. There must be at least 18 hours of unique requirements for each major. Some departments may require more than 18 unique hours.

Minors The student doesn’t need to declare a minor selection, however, if they choose to declare a minor they must fill in a form with both the major & minor selection and register it at the registrar’s office to make it official.


Up to 64 credits from another college may be transferred into an CU degree program. 120 completed credits are required for a Bachelor’s Degree and maintaining an overall C average (2.00 GPA) including the major is required. And in order to receive a bachelor’s degree from Carieliin University a candidate must complete the basic course requirements, meet all departmental requirements for a major concentration and using their own CU student account they apply for a degree completion audit. And they may attend the annual commencement to be awarded their official Bachelor’s Degree.

Carieliin Certification Programs in the following areas:

      1. Transportation – Train Technician, Tour Guide, Tour Attendant

      2. Construction & Architecture – Planning, Development & Building Management

      3. Cleaning Services, Maintenance or Landscaping
      4. Food Management & Culinary Arts Certification

      5. Communications & Journalism-Broadcasting Certification

      6. Teacher’s Certification

      7. Carieliin Justice Librarian Certification

      8. Utilities Industries – Electrician, Plumber

      9. Care Giver Certification

      10. And much more

Learn about Carieliin Transportaton Services – CTS