CU & CTS President

Cariel Quinly, President, has focused on driving economic growth and is committed to a national model for inclusive and sustainable economic development by focusing on key strategies to help build strong and dynamic communities, create good jobs for residents, and provide pathways to a stronger and fairer economy.

Her economic transformation emphasizes catalyzing business from industry clusters; drawing financial and political Carieliin supporters and contributors and developing a robust spiritually guided population.

According to President Cariel Quinly:

“I have a happy and healthy life here on my sacred and divine planet Earth. I’m financially independent and I am very Happy.

I am emotionally and spiritually supported by my human family members and friends, and all the Human races, including my local governments. All of them wish me well and treat me with love, respect, kindness and good intentions and they can do no harm to me in any way, shape or form or formatting.

The CU education system provides everyone with necessary educational means to become a contributing member of this planetary system. as well as, economic and material resources systems to help in this process of becoming a contributing member of this society. All these systems operate globally, automatically, easily and effectively.

By being here the chances of becoming a Divine Human increases and when enrolled in CU’s educational system, chances increase of entering a magnificent reality.

The local government system with the help of affiliated corporations, will provide the contributing member with the means for them to support themselves with enough good jobs, good accommodations, good food and water and good conveniences so their lives are comfortable enough so they can maintain the status of a contributing member of this planetary system.

It’s the member’s responsibility to maintain the status of a contributing member of this planetary system.  If they don’t want to contribute to the planetary system their status will become “probationary contributing member of this planetary system” and they are free to leave. There is no blame.

And if they decide to stay And their goal is to become a “a contributing member of this planetary system” but They need more time to Heal The past CU CLASSES Will help them And with the appropriate information given to them, they’ll understand why they’re Blessed to be here and They’ll Heal and make it Through to full Fledge contributing Member of this planetary system.