CTS Domestic Easy Accesses by Globaltec ELECTRIC TrainS

 Carieliin monitors it’s historic 1000 miles of train lines between San Diego and San Francisco, CA, and improves on their electric train services.

CTS is important to the smooth running of the trains operating system and the functioning of the historic railway transportation hubs between San Francisco, LA and San Diego. The systems beautiful construction and design provides strength and safety including improved monitoring sensors for making adjustments when necessary. ~ Transportation Commissioner


CTS’s Globaltec electric trains perform with approximately 90% less exhaust and 50% less noise than the equivalent diesel powered train.  The train’s new state of the art battery operated electrical technology & diesel backup provides more reliability, speed, and safety.

 Carieliin will continue monitoring it’s historic 1000 miles of CTS train lines from San Diego to San Francisco, CA. and continue providing transportation for millions of people.

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