Job Offer: CTS Tour Guides

Job Offer: CTS Tour Guides

Who we are looking for:
 ~A 25 years old or older, who has the stamina and motivation to guide small groups of tourists to places of interest within the areas on the tours you’ll be assigned. And you’ll do Luncheon Tours that may not require any physical tour but a Travelogues that inspire people.  Your Travelogue will be a story or lecture about the place you’re visiting. Refer to schedule

CTS  Formal Uniform for men Tour Guides – Navy Suit with the CTS badge & name tag for identification

CTS Formal Uniform for women Tour Guides – Navy Pants Suits with CTS badge & name tag for identification 

~You’ll be trained by your supervisor, the Tour Guide Manager, who will assign the tours you’ll be doing once you give your preferences, first-come, first-preferences.

You’re given a general schedule to follow and have 3-4 hrs. to do your day tour with or without a formal Luncheon included (depending on the schedule).  For the sightseeing day toursyou’ll need to know you tour route very well, and time you tour with enough time to return to the train and the city you started from.

~And you’ll make a detailed itinerary of the tour you’ll be doing with the help of your supervisor, the Tour Guide Manager.  

~The Formal Luncheons may be an hour to 2 hours long.  You may have time to do a physical tour on some of the Luncheon Tours. Otherwise, you’ll do a short Travelogue about the place your visiting, without a physical tour.  Refer to schedule

~You’ll make sure the CTS Tour Passengers receive their luncheon with excellent service.   

CTS Tour Guide casual wear for women – navy or white top with navy slacks & CTS badge & name tag for identification 

CTS Tour Guide casual wear for men – a navy top with khaki pants with the CTS badge & name tag for identification

~If it’s a overnight tour you’ll make sure the dinner(s) are served with excellent service and plan your guided tours in the cities you stop at, and tour passengers will have free time to rest or explore on their own, with the option to rejuvenate with self service foot-baths (free) or body massages (pay a fee), with optional planned festivities to take place from time to time in the observational car, i.e. card games and/or Travelogues. 

~You’ll be responsible for come up with ideas, motivators and travelogues to make the tour interesting, enjoyable and valuable to them.  

~With the help of the Tour Guide Manager, you’ll provide CTS’s CEO with a detailed written itinerary and a video of the tours you’ll be guiding that will meet with her approval, include in you video a brief introduction of the train you’ll be taking.  

~You will solve problems that might arise on your tours. CTS Tour Passengers will look to you for information and problem-solving during the guided tour and/or luncheon. You are there with a smile on your face to do your best to answer questions, deal with emergencies, and provide sightseeing travelogues for enjoyment and funYou’ll be make occasional announcements over the loud speakers to make sure the Tour Passengers show up on time where they’re suppose to be.

~you’re someone who loves meeting people and you are familiar with the city that is on the tour and enjoy talking about it and sharing information about it, i.e., unique and authentic artslocationsbuildingsharbors, entertainment, shopping, foodsrestaurants, cafésmusicparks, or any other local hidden gems in their city.

~ you’ll introduce CTS Tour Passengers to the wonders of travel and inform them about what they are sightseeing.

~ the requirements and demands may be challenging at times but this is an exciting job and the rewards can be great depending on what you make of it.

You’ll work in a CTS office when your not on a tour at one of the CTS Tour Hubs (Oceanside, Fullerton & Perris). You’ll use your problem solving capabilities to help manage the office, whether it’s answering phones, registering clients for tours, selling tickets and whatever else is needed.

Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Posting Location(s): Rotating between CTS Hubs

Current Tour Schedule

Job Family/Function:Transportation 
Relocation Offered:No 
Travel Requirements:Up to 100%

Part-Time Pay:  Depends on work experience and skill sets and work hours/week can be 12-24 hours, starting at $12/hour up to $50/hr

If you become a full-time associate, CTS offers Medical & Dental benefits:

  • Healthcare package for full-time associates
  • Dentalcare package for full-time associates

We want your work at CTS to be more than a job – we want it to be a fulfilling experience where you find challenging and rewarding opportunities, respect among colleagues, competitive pay, benefits that protect you and your family, and a high performance culture that recognizes and values your contributions and helps you reach your career goals.

We proudly support and encourage U.S. Veterans to apply for CTS job opportunities.

All positions require pre-employment reference checks, background verification, criminal record check, medical review and pre-employment drug screen. CTS is committed to a safe and drug-free workplace and performs pre-employment substance abuse testing. All new hires are required to undergo a hair drug test which detects the presence of illegal drugs for months prior to testing. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping CTS safe and drug-free.  

In accordance with DOT regulations (49 CFR section 40.25), CTS is required to obtain prior drug and alcohol testing records for applicants/employees intending to perform safety- sensitive duties for covered Department of Transportation positions.   If an applicant/employee refuses to provide written consent for CTS to obtain these records, he/she will not permitted to perform safety-sensitive functions.

Note that any education requirement listed above may be deemed satisfied if you have an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

CTS is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and we welcome all to apply. We consider candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability (including blindness), or veteran status.

Qualified applicants will be notified of the exact time of their interview to determine their relative knowledge, skills and ability in job related areas.