Job Offer: Rail Operations Controller-Dispatcher

Job Description:

The Train Operations Controller-Dispatcher (ROCD) serves as member of the CTS Transportation Service Center Operations Control Management Team. ROCDs receive incoming information, including emergency communications, from various internal and external sources (e.g., field-based personnel), then analyzes the information quickly, devises safety-critical service-oriented solutions, and directs real-time decisions to emergency responders for immediate implementation and disposition. The incumbents’ primary goals are the safe resolution of reported incidents (e.g., mechanical failures, derailments, floods, fires, etc.), restoration of rail service delivery and coordination of operations during special events. The incumbent in this class is responsible for the safe, efficient control and operation of the CTS rail transit system


  • Authorizes all movement of trains and equipment and access to the roadway on the CTS mainline. Supervises the arrival/departure of trains at stations, terminals and yards in order to maintain proper transportation. Initiates contact with the CTS Transportation Commissioner to provide any emergency information so she can safely mitigate incidents and maintain schedules as best as she can.
  • Monitors status of various systems and devices related to rail operations, such as: interlockings, Automatic Train Control, BIO Emergency System (BES), Power Stations, Air System, Drain System, fire alarms, Intrusion Alert System.
  • Safeguards the Advanced Information Management (AIM) operating system to insure CTS Transportation System is operating smoothly, safely and effectively. 
  • Coordinates with the Traffic Controller, Train Manager, Car Maintenance, Systems Maintenance, CTS Police, Emergency Management, Fire Liaisons and other CTS offices, as well as local police and fire departments to address adverse conditions or reported problems, emergencies and incidents within the Rail System.
  • Responds to incoming communications (e.g., radio calls) from Train Manager/Conductor, Train Operators/Engineers, Interlocking Operators, and external agencies, providing incident management oversight under the supervision of CTS Transportation Commissioner who has the authority to mitigate service delays & disruptions.
  • Ensures the safety of maintenance crews working on the roadbed as well as the safety and security of customers and employees.  ROCD will update the CTS Transportation Commissioner who will direct personnel and in compliance with her CTS Safety Rules and Procedures she will make the appropriate corrections and mitigate any delays or disruptions.  
  • Grants maintenance employees’ permission to enter the roadway for inspection and repair of equipment onsite, quickly, safely & effectively. Manages single tracking and system segment shutdowns to create safe work areas.
  • Monitors and exercises continuous and complete control over movement of Roadway Maintenance Machines (maintenance units) on the mainline. Monitors closely and directs all manual movements of trains on the mainline. Monitors revenue trains on mainline to ensure they are operating according to the published daily train schedule. May direct train operator to re-route, turn back or extend runs if necessary and requests additional rail cars and personnel for special or emergency situations.
  • Coordinates with Car Maintenance and the appropriate towers for replacement of defective trains. Communicates with various rail yards to ensure that the proper number of rail cars are available for each day’s service. Manages the movement of revenue and non-revenue vehicles during inclement weather to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions on revenue service.
  • In accordance with operating procedures when CTS Transportation Commissioner, Train Traffic Controller and/or Train Manager/Conduct report an incident, the dispatcher dispatches a local police/fire department or other related supporting agencies to reports of accidents, disabled trains, sick/injured customers, intoxicated/disorderly customers, assaults, robberies and other occurrences. And they will accurately records all events in the maintenance database (Maximo) and prepare a detailed report of all unusual incidents/occurrence as defined by OCC Management.

Minimum Qualifications:


  • High School diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED)


  • Experiences in Train Dispatching, Interlocking Operator, Rail Yard Worker, Emergency Management, Control Tower Operator or Air Traffic Controller including aircraft movement activities
  • Preferred: Certification for any of the above
Working Conditions
Position requires work indoors in a normal office environment and outdoors around CTS trains with some exposure to noise, dust, or temperature.

Part-Time Pay:  $25– $42 Hourly

If you become a full-time associate, CTS offers Medical & Dental benefits:

  • Healthcare package for full-time associates
  • Dentalcare package for full-time associates

Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Posting Location(s): Rotating between CTS Hubs

Posting Location(s): Rotating between CTS Hubs

Here are some CTS HUBS:
  • Oceanside
  • Encinitas
  • Carieliin Embarcadero – LA
  • Carieliin Embarcadero – San Diego
  • San Clemente
  • Escondido
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Job Family/Function: Transportation 

Relocation Offered: No

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In accordance with DOT regulations (49 CFR section 40.25), CTS is required to obtain prior drug and alcohol testing records for applicants/employees intending to perform safety- sensitive duties for covered Department of Transportation positions.   If an applicant/employee refuses to provide written consent for CTS to obtain these records, he/she will not permitted to perform safety-sensitive functions.

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